I have been working in Higher Education Management for more than fifteen years. I am organised, work in a systematic way, and consider myself to be rational and logical (Krawupp says: OCD). In general, I'm rather introverted and skeptical. I tend to be shy around people and certainly don't seek the limelight. On the other hand, I know how to write good content, deliver an engaging speech, and convince others of my ideas.


I am a young clown and like to roam the streets - there are so many new and interesting things to see! I'm emotional and rarely know where the things I start will lead (Britta says: headless). My body reacts faster than my brain in most situations, and you'll never be in doubt about my true feelings - they're always plain to see on my face and in my actions. I enjoy singing out loud and dancing to my own beat. I looooove to play and never tire of meeting and approaching people. I also think I'm rather cute.