Human, calm, and mindful at work – with the Red Nose Principle®!

All too often, we are stressed, putting too much pressure on ourselves, surrounded by bad moods, and only focusing on the negative. At work especially, it can feel like we are constantly running from meeting to meeting without ever achieving our ambitions and goals.



But as our stress levels rise, so does our inability to perform well and connect with others. If, on the other hand, we are relaxed, mindful, and optimistic, we will inevitably work better and live healthier, happier lives, even if the external conditions remain the same.



A fantastic way to become more mindful and relaxed is to learn from clowns. We are serious about this! This does not mean stumbling about the office in big shoes or playing tricks on your colleagues. Instead, the Red Nose Principle aims to distill the essence of a clown’s attitude and apply these techniques to improve the quality of our thoughts and help lead more joyful lives, both at work and at home.

More humanity through the Red Nose Principle®

In clown training, we learn that a clown is not a role we play - it is an attitude. To be a clown is to be open-minded and curious about the world. It means being emotional, having a keen connection to ourselves and our surroundings, always living in the present moment. The Red Nose Principle aims to share these teachings with others to help spark their development.



In a world that is often depersonalized and disconnected, clowns bring us closer to our own humanity and teach us to deal with daily challenges in a more positive manner. Clowns strengthen and encourage us. We can see our own inadequacies when laughing with them, and we open up being vulnerable and thus reclaim a sense of levity.


The Red Nose Principle® involved bringing a clown's attitude to our day-to-day life. I am convinced that by following a clown's example, we can feel happier and healthier in all areas of our lives - especially at work. Just give it a try!